Sunday, January 31, 2010

Birthday Bash!

So a few people have bitched at me lately to write something, let me just tell you assholes that I have wrote two of these only to have one eaten by the interwebz and the other one autosave a blank page..... Pretty disheartening when you spend like an hour typing random shit here only to have it disappear before your very eyes. Whatever, I'm a warrior I power through shit like that, and well here we are. I've been up to a lot since I last did one of these. This gonna be a long one so deal with it.

First is the snowboarding. The lack of snow up here this year is shitty. There is no other way to describe it. I've taken countless trips up north back when I lived in Connecticut and it always seemed like the conditions were perfect when I got here, not so much this year. I guess it could do with the fact that I am used to riding dust on top of crust in Connecticut, so any little significant amount of snow seemed like bliss, but now that I got my first taste of knee deep pow, I crave for more. It's always on my mind, I think about it when I sleep, I think about it when I'm at work, I think about it in the shower, I think about it while i poop, I even think about it when.... well yeah I think about it alot. So far Stowe has only recieved about 30 inches of natural snow, they only got six inches when we got 30 inches in Burlington..... All I wanted for my birthday was for some fresh snow to fall, and with the 48 degrees we had on Monday of this past week and two days of rain that melted all the snow on the ground here in Burlington things weren't looking good.

Then comes Wednesday and I get an IM from Perks while talking to a dealer

Perks: Stowe got 12 inches yesterday
Me: Holy shit!
dealer: huh?

Remember kiddies, always mute your phone in times of excitement, I then explained to the dealer, who is a really cool guy exactly what I was holy shitting over and he thought it was hilarious. "Never thawt I'd hur anybody be happhe to get sum snow, thought ya'll got a shit ton of it up thar ane wayez." Yeah buddy, I thought the same thing too. Anyways I made sure to watch the weather report all week and stay hopeful that there would be more. Thankfully another 8 inches fell over the course of the week to make this weekends' conditions pretty awesome. The fact that it was only 2 degrees at the base of the mountain on Saturday was no big deal because everyone was pumped on 20 inches of snow in a week. Fuckin A it was a great weekend. The best part was today around 2:30 when the snow started dumping down, turned up my Ipod and hit the jackpot right off the side of spruce. Knee deep, untouched fresh through the trees while jamming some Tribe Called Quest - We've got the Jazz. God it was like one of those religious experiences people talk about. Nothing could make that moment in time any better. As the trees spit me out into the bottom of the trail I saw two little kids watching me ride down the hill, and over heard one of them shout follow the orange pants! (I have a pair of redonkulously bright Orange pants, and a few pals of mine like to give me shit for it) So I get to the lift and they catch up and ask me if I can show them how to ride into the woods, and of course I wanted these little shreds to enjoy the experience that I just did and took them for a mini tour. It was awesome turning the Ipod off and listening to them shout and laugh as we cruised through the trees. At one point I had to unstrap and literally pull one of the little dudes out of snow that was up to his waist, it really was awesome. What an awesome day of riding.

Also in case you guys didn't read the fucking title, Saturday was my birthday. I pretty much celebrated my birthday the entire weekend, stayed in Friday night because I really wanted to get to the mountain early so I could shred, and well Saturday was awesome, rode all day with Taylor one of the new friends I have made after the move up here. We got a lot of riding in, the highlight of the day was Taylor's 7ft ass drop from the lift to the ground after some kinda ski malfunction kept him stuck on the lift. I'm sliding down the lift exit and homeboy's ski is like right next to my face, I look over and he's falling slow mo style to the ground. I tried not to laugh, but it was pretty funny. I of course asked him if he was ok before I really started laughing. Showed him some off trail riding on the greens and he got his taste of snow up to his knees and I think he liked it! We left the mountain and headed to "The Shed" which is an awesome place in downtown Stowe and had a feast. It was my birthday so I decided I was going to eat whatever I wanted, got the appetizer sampler and an open faced turkey sammich with smashed potatoes holy shit it was amazing. To top it off Taylor pulled out his card and paid, happy birthday to me he said. What an awesome dude. Unfortunately yesterday's fall kept him from enjoying the day with me and Perks today, but he got a good day in. Back to saturday however, I get home and take a two hour nap, telling Perks if he doesn't hear from me by 7:30 to call and wake me up. 8 o'clock rolls around and he calls me to tell me to get up, it's my birthday and drink are in order. So my roomate Dancin Dave and I head out to start the night, one of our co-workers was starting early at Pub and we go there to meet him. As we drive down the road there are fire trucks and police cars everywhere. Apparently some underground explosion shot a manhole like a million feet into the air and it was dangerous to be anywhere near the scene. The scene happened to be right in front of Pub, which made our walk there quite difficult. We try to head in from the North, and the cops say sorry dudes can't go that way. We attack from the west only to be turned back again by the 5-0. Finally we decide that we needed to think like ninjas, we snuck across the green, down a back alley and snuck in from the west. The first embarassing moment of the night comes when I order a beer, and knowing full well they only serve house ales, I asked for a Bud Light like a dumbass. The barkeep, a surly middle aged woman goes, here honey take a look at this and get back to me.... Yeah way to go dipshit. A few beers in we get some intel that there would be a large number of people congregating at Metronome that evening, and we decided that would be the plan of attack for the night. Around the stroke of 11 we headed out, and like a country stream we meandered on our way to the destination, which included a stop off at Das Bierhous or however the fuck you spell it, anyways some German place with hot chicks in traditional german beer wench attire, where we enjoy one beer, mine tasted like squeezed a gym sock after a long soccer game, but Perks' selling point was "it's got like 8.9 percent alcohol" lol yeah one of those kinda nights. I blink my eyes and somehow we are are at Metronome, a ton of co-workers on the dance floor, drinks flowing and what do you know, Jordan the dancing machine made an appearance. After a few shimmy shakes, a few cosby shuffles and tony yayo hands across the face I noticed we had a sweet little circle going. Everyone was cuttin' it up, was a great show, and by great show I mean a shitshow, but it was a great shit show. There is plenty more I could write about the rest of the night, but some things don't need to be completely spelled out, so here are some key words. Boobs, nipple, kicking a girl out of my cab because I didn't want to go to her house in colchester, Mr. Mikes Pizza, 20 dollar cab ride and of course the disappearing roomate. What a night. One of the best birthdays in a very long time, right up there with the TV and Wii birthday of a few years ago.

So many great things this weekend I am thankful for. Everyone who made them happen I am really appreciative and thankful for everyone and everything. Especially to my awesome mother who still managed to get me my favorite ice cream cake delivered to me, even though she lives 275 miles away. Fucking awesome, you are the best mom a boy could ask for!

There is plenty I left out but this has already taken like a fucking hour and I'm tired of typing. So here's some pictures. Enjoy

Snow outside of our apartment complex, for some reason I really like this shot.

This is Bolton, one of the local mountains in Vermont. The frozen trees is a result of a weather phenomenon called "frozen fog" according to the milkman who was mentioned in previous posts.

The infamous snowbank fo doom, that blog was eaten by the internet, I don't want to retype it because I couldn't stand to relive that horror. Just think of frozen wet feet.

Up in the gym workin on my fitness, muscle milk fucko!

Ninja masks are a must when the temp his single digits, plus you look like a ninja, which is a bonus.

Today's storm at the base of the mountain, thats only the bottom 1/4 of the mountain, pretty scary/intimidating.

Spruce side yesterday morning, Spruce holds a lot of secrets.

More Spruce goose, one of the secrets is in those trees to the left of the picture.

The mountain this morning from Spruce parking lot, again there is more mountain above the cloud bank.

Thats about it, there is more, maybe I'll do an edit later but I am done for now. This was the song I listened to in the perfect moment of my life today. It's an awesome laid back TCQ jam. Check the horns, they are awesome!


  1. good blog post :D
    great pic's t00
    sounds like you had and epic bday to me!

  2. low end theory is a great fucking albulm...


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