Sunday, April 11, 2010

Captains and coke, road sodas, oh shit my wallet, and long walks!

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Another good one in the books. Weekends are awesome.

This one started off with a Friday house party with a bunch of co-workers. I was promised a good time and I really wasn't disappointed. Walk in to a ton of drunkards, and the first thing I notice is that it smells like party in the air! I find there is a keg of switchback and a ton of food. Sounds like a party to me, I hate switchback and it's nutty flavor (see previous blogs) but fuck it lets power on. Lets see, the highlights of the party was a drunk grout dragging a piece of pizza right up Lauren's arm and an amazing tray of soft pretzels. The low lights of the party included grout knocking my cup of beer out of my hand, all over my air maxes and then grout dropping his pizza down the front of my pants. Grout you are a sorry sack of shit, my shoes and my pants hate your guts. Dancin Dave said it was time to go downtown and off we went!

We went to some bar first that sucked, I don't remember the name of it, it was kind of swanky, but it sucked. Then we headed over to metronome, which will now be referred to as Metrodome, because it sounds more awesome. 90's night. Awesome time a few dance moves, however I wasn't drunk enough to really get down. It was an interesting night to say the least, however it was no match for Saturday!

Boom, Saturday all up in your face. Wake up a little hazy, but whatever you have to pay the piper for a good time so I powered through it. I decided I was going to get some errands done that I have been slacking on. This includes a run in with some wild animals at the laundry mat. Lets see we had the weird lady with a bird on her shoulder that kept walking in and out, and the chick who's ass crack REFUSED to stay in her pants. Yeah fun times at the laundry mat. Lets see what else....... bought a new soccer ball, bought growly g a real girly shitter box, a new work out supplement and some other random shit. Thats when Dave hit me with the "I feel like just sitting on the couch tonight and drinking rum and cokes." I told him the rum and cokes should happen, however the sitting on the couch part of the night shouldn't. We stopped at the liquor store, grabbed some Capt'n and the party started. After destroying 24 wings that were delivered from RJ's, and a quick shower it was time to start drinking. I had put on my tribe called quest shirt, but after my first rum and coke, I decided that tonight was definitely a missile shirt type of night. When the missile shirt comes out, you know it's going to be a good time.

We drink another rum and coke, and are almost ready to head out, Dave decides he'll have half a rum and coke and I was like well I need to have one too. Drink'em down and I'm feeling grrrrrrrrrrrrreat like Tony the Tiger. I'm hit with a brilliant idea. Why not bring some road sodas? We scoured the apartment for water bottles and luckily we found them. We start the walk and it's a good one. Dave and I have some pretty awesome conversations. I decide that we need to stop at the ATM so I can grab some cash. Go and reach for my wallet aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand. Fuck. Not there. Still in my shorts at home on the floor. Fuuuuuuuuuuck. So Dave was like dude I'll grab some money for you don't worry, and I was cool with that, however I had no ID and every bar around here ID's you. So............... we are going to walk home and get my wallet! Dave was like dude this will just give us a chance to refill our road sodas! So we walk home, fill up, I grab my wallet, and we walk back. We hit the ATM on the way back and decide it's time to head to METRDOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. It's 80's night and it's going to be sick! We get there and it doesn't disappoint. The place is packed, and the music is awesome. My homeboy Lebo shows up and now it's a real party. A few more friends show up and it's an all out party time. Dancing like machines, I got the chance to dance with a beautiful girl, this girl was cuttin it up, I think I kept up, but not really sure. I know a few cosby shuffles, angry chickens, and some Axl Rose slide steps happened. Shit was awesome.

Then I woke up sunday morning. Wow, Hangover Harold. Didn't really feel too bad so I decided to head to the gym. The new supplement was in full effect, and I wanted to lift every weight in the room. It was pretty awesome, looking forward to tomorrow's lift already. I went to Melissa's bee well massage party, hung out with a few supportians, and had a pretty nice time. The party was like 20 miles away in Ferrisberg, and at first I was like damn man thats far and was kinda bummed. However, I am really happy that it was fairly far out there. I haven't really gotten a chance to explore around here, and today was absolutely beautiful. Vermont is amazing, to all of you who have never been here, you need to come here. The mountain backdrop in every direction you face makes you feel tiny and can take your breath away. The weather was perfect for the windows down, music up.

What a great weekend. One of the best I've had yet. Some important things were discussed this weekend, and there are some really sweet things going down in the near future. I'm looking forward to them. Life is exciting up here. Meeting new people, going out doing new things. It's funny because I feel like this is the way life is meant to be lived. I'm now seizing life, instead of just letting it come to me. It's crazy how long I just sat back and idly let things happen. No more of that shit, I'm taking life by the horns, kicking it's ass, and taking it's name. I urge you all to do the same. Don't let life pass you by, experience it.

You son of a bitch air max killer

Oh hey buddy!

One of the laundry mat beasts. Maybe low cut jeans are her laundry day jeans.

Road sodas! We got'em!

We live in a beautiful world

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Don't block my shine shawtyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Before we even start anything, watch this video, listen to it, and tell me why I have it on repeat this past week....Listen while you read, it might make my crappy writing style seem more awesome than it really is! hahaha.

Ok so like I've said in the past, these things are a bitch to have, because if you don't update your life every week on here, you end up with having to do a massive update. Usually on sunday nights I sit there, with my laptop and am like, man I should update my blog. Usually I get up grab a beer sit back down and am like, hmmm what was I just going to do? I haven't done an update in like a month and a half, some good shit has gone down that I don't even remember, but I'll attempt to access my mental library and give you some experiences.

Well, I guess we'll start with Nixon's trip up here mid February. I get a call like, hey what are you doing this weekend and I say my usual, heading to Stowe during the day and then seeing where the evening takes me. Nixon, who has been affectionately referred to as Germ since I was a mere youth was like, dude I'm coming up! I was super pumped because this is the first friend, and one of my best friends to come visit me up here. So he arrives and some beers are in order, Me Dancin Dave and Perks head downtown to start a good time. Plenty of beers are drank, at one point I think I lost a cartwheel contest to three girls, apparently I wasn't doing "real cartwheels" wtf is that shit? Real cartwheels? Anyways I don't remember much more of the night besides us going to the KKD. For some reason meat sammiches at like 2 in the morning always seem like a good idea. They are awesome at the time, however the next morning I woke up and it felt like I swallowed a brick, and it honestly smelled like something died inside of Germ. We woke up hella early, like 7 am which is the asscrack of dawn when you don't have to be into work till 11. We get to Stowe and I'm pumped to shred with him, it's been dumping snow the entire week and we are there hella early......and thats when we see the trail map, not one, two, three, even four lifts, but ALL lifts except for the easy street beginners lift are closed. The excuse was "icing on the lifts" which was bullshit because apparently the quad was closed the entire week. So we take a few rides on Easy Street and are both pretty bummed when we hear someone shout "The Gondo is open!" we run, not walk to the connector across the street, get off the connector Gondo and see the line for the Gondo is literally 1,000 people long. Now I'm totally bummed. Thats when Germ was like, you were saying Bolton is pretty rad, should we try there? It was the best idea he had all weekend, so we headed over to Bolton, met up with Brandon and Heather, shredded some knee deep pow and ended up saving the day. Fuck yeah Bolton!

Fast forward to two weekends ago when I almost got arrested. See I live about a ten minute brisk walk from downtown. So since I started late, and was meeting everyone downtown, I figured this would be a smart time to bring some walk warriors with me. I grab three beers, toss two of them in my pocket and head out. Well i finish beer one, and put the bottle in someone's recycling bin (this is Vermont, we do that here) and start drinking the next one. I'm almost downtown now and I still have another beer in my pocket, and I know I can't bring it into the bar, so I get a brilliant idea. Hide the beer in the bush across the street! That way you have a beer for the walk home. Well, I run across the street, look around real shady like and toss the beer into a bush. In the process I got poked in they eye by one of the damn branches, which really sucked but I just turned and kept walking. As I'm walking up toward What Ales You, I hear the familiar sounds of squeaking police brakes. I quickly drop the beer I'm currently drinking into the planter next to me and keep walking. All the sudden I hear a shout....

Cop: "Hey, buddy what do you think you are doing?"

Me: Well sir, I'm heading out to meet my roommate at the bar.

Cop: "You know you can't be drinking beer outside in public"

Me: What do you mean sir I don't have any beer on me.

I hold out my hands to show him and he clearly gets frustrated.

Cop: "What about this?"

And he holds up the beer I just stashed in the bushes about 50 yards back.

Me: Awww shit........ yeah that was the walk home beer.

Cop: "You know I can take you in for littering? This isn't going to be there on the walk home buddy!"

And he peeled off. Apparently there was something more serious than a guy hiding a beer in a bush to attend to. The serious of events from there involved some fist pumping, some angry chicken, and a few cosby shuffles at metronome. There is more to the story, but this is where it should end I've decided.

Ok, and now this past weekend. Easter. Wheeeeeee. Time to eat ham. I hate ham. I honestly think it's gross. Over the years my hatred for ham has grown exponentially. I used to eat a little bit of it, but now I steer clear of that shit like it's the plauge. Why do we eat the things we do on holidays? Does someone designate a specific animal we need to eat for each holiday? If so can anyone give me their number so that I can call and complain. NO MORE HAM! Anyways, I had a good Friday night down at RiRahs (ironically it was good friday, which i just remembered) and woke up early to head home to Connecticut. The four hours it takes me is usually a rollercoaster at first it's all nice on the ride on 89, then I get somewhat annoyed realizing I have another hour down 95 before I'm out of Vt, then I hit mass. Masshole don't know how to drive, I hate driving through that stupid state. Then I hit Ct and I relax a bit, until I hit Harford and then Rage level hits an almost all time high. Hartford is disgusting, filthy even, I hate it. The traffic is rediculous for no reason, god I hate the drive.

Anyways so I stop at the Waterbury mall because Vermont's shoe stores are terrible and of course I can't find a fresh new pair of shoes. Walking around I hear some commotion and it's two grown men fighting eachother in front of Verizon. Seriously guys? Two grown men fighting eachother in the mall. What a bunch of dipshits. I decided it was time to leave after I bought my mother some Easter goodies. I got home and it was great to see moms, she made my favorite chicken cutlets and mashed potatoes and I quickly forgot about the mall incident. I then got a call from Matt telling me to meet him at work so we could catch a quick skate session before we headed out to the bar for the night. We went over to the Cheshire skate park, for reasons unbeknownst to me, every fucking time we go there it sucks. It's dirty, a bunch of fruit bootin roller bladers getting in your way, and everyone is always skating the hump, the only thing I like there. So after about 45 minutes of lame we headed back to his house and started our drinking for the night.

The best part about going home is heading to the bars you used to frequent, seeing people you used to hang with, and basically living for the moment, and boy did I ever. I guess I thought I was some kinda baller because I started buying everyone drinks. I saw a few familiar faces and had an awesome time. Tom the bartender kept giving us free shots of some terrible rootbeer vodka, it really was terrible. Right around the time I stopped remembering things is when I got my tab....... I wish I could not remember paying that bastard, but whats money when you are having fun with friends. I had a pretty chill Easter with the fam that included an hour nap and then a 4 hour drive back to Vermont. All in all a good trip. To think I didn't even want to drive down.

And in closing, a serious of questions. Why don't I think about things before I do them? Like a recent event I made myself come off as such an idiot because I didn't think things through before I just acted. I'm like a kid on christmas sometimes with certain situations, I get so excited I don't think about how my actions are going to be perceived. I tend to get way ahead of myself and freak people out with how anxious I am. It's not that I want to come off that way, sometimes I just can't contain my excitement. I guess thats something I'm going to have to work on in the near future, because I might have screwed this up before I could even start it. I guess I'll have to work on that, but no one is perfect, we could all use a little work. Hopefully the situation can be fixed, we'll see. Stay optimistic.

And now for some photos

Thats the germ

Metronome at night

Lookalike to the bushes I stashed my beer in

The police car that was stalking me that Saturday Night

Monday, February 8, 2010

Stop Karate Chopping the Air Please it's Dangerous, Mountain Yard Sale, Magic Hat, Beautfiul Bartenders and Skittles

Bouncer asked me to stop opening peoples beers and threatened to kick me out after this.

It's Sunday night again....

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I really have a love hate relationship with Sundays. I mean don't get me wrong, it's a day off, but it's always like you have that little lingering thought in the back of your head that tomorrow starts a new work week. I mean, I don't hate Sundays, but I feel like Jack Bauer in the show 24, every hour is a vital countdown. I mean the only difference between him and me is a few guns and explosions, I'm every bit as fucking cool. This is going to be a little summary of this past weekend, as I reflect upon why my life is so awesome.

As Friday night approached I didn't know what I was going to do. On one hand there was a work scheduled hockey game which a few of my pals were set to play in and there was supposed to be a pretty sweet pregame party goin on, or I could head back to the bar I went to last week and encountered one of prettiest girls I've yet to meet in Burlington thus far who just so happens to tend to said bar. Well lets weigh my options.... are you kidding me I don't even like hockey! Then came the news

Perks: Hockey game is canceled tonight, so were just gonna head out for a night on the town.
Me: Score!

So we headed out, with a bit of a different crew, we were minus two roomates, but we picked up another Josh and a Double M. We started off the night right were I wanted to be, and of course the beautiful bartender was there, looking even more stunning than she had the week prior (which I didn't think was possible, but believe me it is) and the place was packed. We started drinking the house beers, and I discovered that I'm a fan Burly's, which if you don't know is fucking awesome, you should have three. It was this night that most of my co-workers discovered that I have the bladder of an 80 year old man, at one point Josh said "Dude, this is your sixth piss in an hour, I haven't even gone once yet"..... whatever at least I'm not pissing my pants. The bar got packed quick and a few more co-workers meandered in, letting us know that the party was really going down at RJ's. Ugh...... RJ's. Throw together every college kid stereo type you can imagine and then add in a 30 minute minute line and you have RJ's. Now I am settling into a nice groove of Burly's, the Beautiful Bartender even used my name and made eye contact with me a few times, and I just housed some fried cheese and am having a good time, I don't want to leave. However, not being one to go against the group I begrudging closed my tab and had to basically speed walk with Josh across the green to catch up with the departed.

Ahhhh RJ's. Much to my suprise we got there right as the line was starting to form, so we didn't have to wait out in the freezing cold. I think it's also funny that they carded Double M, and a few others, yet they didn't ask me to see my id. I think it's because the bouncer knew I'd roundhouse kick him in the throat if he made me take my gloves off while outside to show him that I'm 28 years old. Yet I did chuckled when the 30 somethings had to pull out their id's. We get inside RJ's and it's quickly filling to capacity. Man RJ's really does play to most of the college stereo types, in one corner you have a few nerds reading books and probably acting out scenes to the latest dungeon and dragons quest, then you have your gangsters posted up against the wall with their flat brimmed hats and their Heniekins, a few meatheads (they are few and far between up here suprisingly) the stuck up girls who are too good to be there yet are there because they want people to look at them, and then a mix of random drunkards. AND BATGIRL!

Man Batgirl was really a crowd favorite, more than a few guys were like, man look at batgirl, she's everything I like in a girl and more. Apparently everything a guy likes in a girl is short, big boobs, light colored hair and a pretty face. Also an undying passion to DANCE! Holy shit it's like Batgirl dropped 10 e pills, she was really feelin herself. She was a dancing machine, at one point I was talking with a co-worker and all the sudden she's grinding my leg, like some kind of dog in heat. I went to go swat her away and some guy pulled her away to start dancing with him. I watched in awe as she danced with nearly every man in the place, often times one man pulling her from one to another. I bet she has herpes.

Any ways right around this point I get the brilliant idea that I should send the beautiful bartender a text message, (yeah she actually gave me her phone number after calling me a creeper, but thats a story for a different time) and it basically was horribly spelled and stupid, and it's a wonder why she never got back to me. Smooth dude. I'm pretty good at making awkward situations more awkward. Right about this time I remember that I am getting up at 8 am Saturday morning and heading to the mountain, and I can't just say that I'm getting up at that time and really set my alarm for 11, because I'm meeting Taylor there. So I decide I'm done drinking and it's time to go home.Right after of course I finish cuttin it up to some Jay Z... apparently the bouncer thought I was going to hurt someone by karate chopping the air like a mad man, because he threatened to kick me out. Relax dude I was just cuttin in up, whatever. Josh and I head out and I swear Snooki fucking bumped into me. Well not the real snooki, but this chick was short, fat and reminded me of an oompa loompa, just like the real life snooki. Apparently it's my fault that she bumped into me and she decided she would curse at me and call me a few names, so I didn't feel bad when my elbow "accidentally" glanced hers, simultaneously spilling her entire glass of beer all over the front of her shirt. Oops. Sorry Snooki.Stay ugly. Peace.

I wake up and head to the mountain, and I was completely suprised to get a call from Perks around 9 asking me if I'd left yet. I mean I didn't think he'd be up before noon since he was double fisting as I bumped snooki before I left, yet he told me he was on his way up. So I headed to the mountain, found Taylor took a few runs and ran into Perks at the bottom of the mountain. He was a sight, quite desheveled looking and reeking of booze, yet he had a defiant smile on his face, stating he was only here to prove me wrong about him not being able to man up and head to the mountain after a long night of drinking. It was a good time, there was a sweet lip on one of these whaleback bumps that I was throwing some awesome Indy grabs off of, and I decided that I wanted to go for the ever elusive tail grab. I'm a huge fan of grabbing tail, yet I can't manage to find it when I look for it..... haha man that sounds awesome. Anyways my lust for tail led to my first offical Vermont Mountain Yard sale. I throw myself off this little lip, go to grab tail and I of course i miss, and next thing I know I'm floating through the air, staring directly at the sky, feet over my head. Right before impact I noticed how awesome my bright orange pants were (oh and for those who didn't see it a little girl in the lift line told me I looked like a pack of skittles that afternoon, since I was wearing day glow orange pants, yellow gloves, and a green jacket. Awesome!), and then BOOM theres the ground. I sit up, check all my vital parts, nothing is broken yet my hand and head are freezing, also everything seems wicked bright all the sudden. WTF? It was then I noticed that both my hat and my goggles were about ten feet away from me and my glove somehow managed to be about ten feet below me. Awesome, my first yard sale, the only thing that could have made it more better was if I had lost both gloves, and maybe a small explosion or something, but yeah it was a good experience. It was about three runs after that I noticed that the sun was getting lower in the sky and I had a commitment to fulfill.

My roomate's friends came up from his hometown and we were planning on going on a Magic hat brewery tour (oh man nature calls brb) I just set a new high score in bejewled blitz, I'm awesome. Anyways, I get home with like ten minutes to spare and we all head out to Magic Hat. We go on a tour of the grand facility, which is a fucking warehouse, which wasn't in operation because they don't work on weekends, so I got to see a bunch of machinery and some douche tell me how much more awesome he was than I was because he knows more about beer than I do. Whatever, I am determined to meet the BrewTang clan though, I'll have to go back during normal hours. The best part of the tour though is like the double shot glass free samples of whatever beer Magic Hat makes, which concludes the tour. You can drink any one of the beers, as many as you want, pretty sweet. I really like single chair, and I'll be going back to get some growlers of it. If you are unfamiliar with what a growler is, think of a glass milk jug, but instead of milk it's beer. Awesome. While we were partaking in our sampling quest, Perks mentions that he is hungry and I suggest we go to the shitty Chinese buffet we found a few weeks ago. The duo know as L and S and a wild Penguin Plunger decided that they wanted to come with us. Once we arrived we found that it was fruity drink time, the Penguin ordered a gigantic bowl of madness, L of L and S got some kind of Orangcicle drink in a shrunken head glass, and S of L and S decided she'd grab some blue drink that looked like smurf piss. I had a water, so did Perks. God I am a fan of shitty chinese buffets and this one doesn't disappoint, it even comes with quiet unassuming bus girls who answer each question with yes. I won't go into the details of that one, but even if you aren't thirsty and say no I don't want anymore water, especially when your glass is half full it will get filled anyways. Meanwhile the others around the table who have empty glasses and want more water don't get any. She must have liked me.

We had big plans for the night, I thought I was going to see Dancin Dave make a re-appearance, but thus it was not meant to be. Events beyond our control took place and my condolences go out to Dave's friend whos name I don't remember right now, and his family. Always tell the ones you love that you love them when parting, because you never know wether that will be the last time you ever say that to them. Jesus thats a scary thought.

Woke up this morning and headed to Bolton. It was fucking cold. My brand new goggles could not handle the immense amount of hot air coming from the processing power of my brain, thus fogging up, which was a battle I fought and lost throughout the majority of the day. Pretty disappointed with Oakley and their double lens technology, but it might have been my own fault. It was a good day of riding, Me, Perks L and S all had a good time. Found a few fresh tracks, took a few solo laps at the end of the day before I decided it was time to head home. Not a bad day of riding, no yard sales and no wise ass 12 year old girls. Came home and slept for like two hours and decided I'd get up and watch the superbowl. I won't lie, I really thought it was going to be a Colts blow out but it wasn't so, it was actually a good game and I was pleased with it. The commercials were funny, Dancin Dave the Machine made some pretty good nachos and Gert made me play fetch the straw with her for like 20 minutes. God today could have used some explosions or something to make it more exciting but whatever, it was pretty relaxing I guess. Now back to the work week, hopefully it will be a quick one, filled with feet of snow falling at Stowe.

As always, feel free to say what you'd like. However if it is some hateful or hurtful shit I encourage you to drink a bottle of bleach and then get back to me. Live your life like every day is your last, because you never know when your number will be up. Also, hello mom, I love you. I don't have much in the way of pictures, so I guess you'll just get some stock images.

Once you ride something like this, it's all you want to do for the rest of your life


Oh shit, it's BatGirl! All the dudes of Burlington love you batgirl.

God you are disgusting Snooki.

Lastly some Wu Tang Vs The Beatles

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cuts, Scabs, Scars, life changing decisions and the pursuit of happiness

Wow another one? Jeez no updates for like two months then two in two days? Shut up already, no one likes condescending assholes. Well maybe sometimes, but there is a time and place, and here and now is not one of them. Also, I don't think there will be any pictures accompanying this update, so if you are someone who doesn't read and just looks for the pictures, you might want to just keep it moving.

I'm 28 years old. I once used to think that was ancient. I once used to tease those older than me about how old they were, until I realized that I myself am now old. Now I know you old timers who rode dinosaurs to school barefooted in the snow 10 miles both ways might still consider me a snot nosed whipper snapper, but bare with me. Lately I've been looking at pictures of myself and I am noticing that I am getting older. A wrinkle in the forehead here, maybe my head might be a hair or two thinner than it had once been, and maybe a gray hair or two might have been discovered, but it's strange how I still don't consider myself old. In my 28 years I guess you could say I've been through a lot. I've learned many a life lesson and I feel that I've got enough scars to prove my worth to people who might tend to doubt me, both mental and physical. It's funny how something that can stick out like a sore thumb to someone is something I wouldn't even notice about myself.

For instance, ten years ago (holy shit ten years ago now, nearly a third of my life) I got into a pretty bad car accident, one of the injuries I took away from that accident was a lacerated spleen. One of my many souvenirs from that car accident is a six inch scar running from just above my belly button to pretty much my sternum. This is quite the scar, if I remember correctly it took 26 staples to close that scar and it's something that I've pretty much come to grips with and forgot about. In fact it's something that I don't even think about anymore, yet when someone catches sight if it they are completely taken aback. It's funny to me how something that can seem so severe to someone could be just a passing thought to me. I don't even notice the scar, when I shower, when I get dressed it's not something that I think back and dwell on, but it's something I'll carry with me until the day I die. Along my 28 years in this world I have picked up my fair share of scars, I can list them all off but I'm sure many of you would A. get bored and skip the list or b. have some kinda weird fetish and ask me to see them all (I used to laugh when people said chicks dig scars, until I found out it was true, and it kind of weirds me out now) but I am willing to bet I'm in worse working condition than most of you. Now I've plenty of physical scars, but what about mental scars?

A mental scar? Yeah it's something I've been thinking about lately and as I reflect I realize I am carrying quite a bit of baggage with me. But how does one acquire a mental scar? Well to me it's the emotions that we all carry with us, how many times have those emotions let us down, how many times have we suffered fresh cuts for our decisions, and as those cuts start to fade and scab, how many more times do we go back and pick that scab? Pick a scab too many times and you have a scar. I'm a picker. I'm a sucker. I'm stubborn and I have a very difficult time giving up on things. Even when I know that I should not pick that scab, because all it's going to do is hurt for a little bit, maybe bleed a little bit and then go back to being a scab, I still do so. I've recently picked a scab that I thought was just another scar, and it's left me confused and questioning myself. Strange how something you have completely forgotten can manage to come back and cause you pain because you picked that scab again, when you had told yourself that the last time was the last time. I guess thats human nature, many times people can't justify the decisions they've made, and many times they regret them, but as long as there is some kind of glimmering light of hope at the end of the tunnel that person would pick that scab again. How many times can you do that before that cut becomes a scar? How long do you keep that cut before it's something you no longer think about? How long before you don't notice that scar when you look in the mirror getting dressed in the morning? I wish I knew.

Ok now that shit didn't make much sense to me and I'll more than likely erase most of it, but whatever it's just what I was thinking. Moving on to the life changing decisions. Well they aren't so grandiose, mostly it's just me deciding that I want to be more conscious about my health, and at the same time I want to get out and enjoy the great out doors more. What better place to do that than in Vermont? Winter has been great, I've been snowboarding a lot, my legs feel strong. The gym at work is a blessing, there is NO excuse for me to not head up there after my shift. I feel guilty when I think about going home instead of heading up there. So i go up there, pump some music and put in work. I get a good lift in, but not nearly enough cardio, and thats why I am looking forward to this summer. I plan on purchasing a legit mountain bike, like one of those bikes dudes get gnarly on and I'm going to ride some mountains. I'm also going to buy a boat. I had brought up the idea to a few friends about building a Tom Sawyer like raft, and I have come to the conclusion that I need to scrap that idea. So I think I am going to get a kayak. I'm excited for this coming summer, I'm not going to let any more opportunities pass me by. I'm going to go to the lake, hang out on the beach (most of you who know me should be shocked by this, knowing full well how much I hate the beach) I'm not going to sit inside playing stupid video games and wasting my life away. For too long I was addicted (yes I'll admit it I was hooked on playing final fantasy 11) to a video game. Often times shunning friends and people I really cared about to fight imaginary dragons in hopes of getting a sword that will help me kill more imaginary dragons. It practically destroyed a relationship with someone who I really deeply cared about, and it made me miss out on plenty of good times. Now don't get me wrong, I met many great people during that five years of my life, but looking back I wish I could have gotten those five years back, I wish I had never installed that stupid game onto my playstation, but oh well the past is the past there is no point in dwelling upon it. Yeah I miss it, and I almost let myself get sucked in again, but I can honestly say I'm done. I've learned my lesson. The problem with online games is that there is no ending. It can keep it's hooks in you because there is always something bigger and better to accomplish, and I'm thankful that I finally decided enough is enough. I'm actually looking forward to this summer, it will be the first one in a few years I won't spend my weekend couped up in my room playing video games. Who knows, my pastey white ass might even catch a tan! (more than likely I'll just burn, but I'm going to see what I can do)

Again I can't express to like the four of you people who actually read this about how happy I am to be here in Vermont. Nothing like a fresh new start in an amazing new place. I'm going to keep working hard, pursuing my own personal happiness, I'm going to try to let the cuts I have turn into scars that I no longer think about, I'm going to try to live everyday to it's fullest. While others may consider me old, I still feel like a kid (and I'm sure I act the part fairly well lol) the kid in me is going to make sure I have fun this coming year, but the man in me is going to make sure I take care of myself and my duties as a man.

Funny, I'm thinking about it right now. The kid in me is upset my father didn't call me again this year for my birthday, yet the man in me just realizes how lucky I am to have a mother that cares enough for me to make up for that. The kid in me wants to be mad, yet the man in me realizes the kind of person he is and that I should just accept it. It's like one of those scabs, only gets picked once a year, but I don't ever think it will become a scar. I guess some cuts just won't heal no matter how much time you give them.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Birthday Bash!

So a few people have bitched at me lately to write something, let me just tell you assholes that I have wrote two of these only to have one eaten by the interwebz and the other one autosave a blank page..... Pretty disheartening when you spend like an hour typing random shit here only to have it disappear before your very eyes. Whatever, I'm a warrior I power through shit like that, and well here we are. I've been up to a lot since I last did one of these. This gonna be a long one so deal with it.

First is the snowboarding. The lack of snow up here this year is shitty. There is no other way to describe it. I've taken countless trips up north back when I lived in Connecticut and it always seemed like the conditions were perfect when I got here, not so much this year. I guess it could do with the fact that I am used to riding dust on top of crust in Connecticut, so any little significant amount of snow seemed like bliss, but now that I got my first taste of knee deep pow, I crave for more. It's always on my mind, I think about it when I sleep, I think about it when I'm at work, I think about it in the shower, I think about it while i poop, I even think about it when.... well yeah I think about it alot. So far Stowe has only recieved about 30 inches of natural snow, they only got six inches when we got 30 inches in Burlington..... All I wanted for my birthday was for some fresh snow to fall, and with the 48 degrees we had on Monday of this past week and two days of rain that melted all the snow on the ground here in Burlington things weren't looking good.

Then comes Wednesday and I get an IM from Perks while talking to a dealer

Perks: Stowe got 12 inches yesterday
Me: Holy shit!
dealer: huh?

Remember kiddies, always mute your phone in times of excitement, I then explained to the dealer, who is a really cool guy exactly what I was holy shitting over and he thought it was hilarious. "Never thawt I'd hur anybody be happhe to get sum snow, thought ya'll got a shit ton of it up thar ane wayez." Yeah buddy, I thought the same thing too. Anyways I made sure to watch the weather report all week and stay hopeful that there would be more. Thankfully another 8 inches fell over the course of the week to make this weekends' conditions pretty awesome. The fact that it was only 2 degrees at the base of the mountain on Saturday was no big deal because everyone was pumped on 20 inches of snow in a week. Fuckin A it was a great weekend. The best part was today around 2:30 when the snow started dumping down, turned up my Ipod and hit the jackpot right off the side of spruce. Knee deep, untouched fresh through the trees while jamming some Tribe Called Quest - We've got the Jazz. God it was like one of those religious experiences people talk about. Nothing could make that moment in time any better. As the trees spit me out into the bottom of the trail I saw two little kids watching me ride down the hill, and over heard one of them shout follow the orange pants! (I have a pair of redonkulously bright Orange pants, and a few pals of mine like to give me shit for it) So I get to the lift and they catch up and ask me if I can show them how to ride into the woods, and of course I wanted these little shreds to enjoy the experience that I just did and took them for a mini tour. It was awesome turning the Ipod off and listening to them shout and laugh as we cruised through the trees. At one point I had to unstrap and literally pull one of the little dudes out of snow that was up to his waist, it really was awesome. What an awesome day of riding.

Also in case you guys didn't read the fucking title, Saturday was my birthday. I pretty much celebrated my birthday the entire weekend, stayed in Friday night because I really wanted to get to the mountain early so I could shred, and well Saturday was awesome, rode all day with Taylor one of the new friends I have made after the move up here. We got a lot of riding in, the highlight of the day was Taylor's 7ft ass drop from the lift to the ground after some kinda ski malfunction kept him stuck on the lift. I'm sliding down the lift exit and homeboy's ski is like right next to my face, I look over and he's falling slow mo style to the ground. I tried not to laugh, but it was pretty funny. I of course asked him if he was ok before I really started laughing. Showed him some off trail riding on the greens and he got his taste of snow up to his knees and I think he liked it! We left the mountain and headed to "The Shed" which is an awesome place in downtown Stowe and had a feast. It was my birthday so I decided I was going to eat whatever I wanted, got the appetizer sampler and an open faced turkey sammich with smashed potatoes holy shit it was amazing. To top it off Taylor pulled out his card and paid, happy birthday to me he said. What an awesome dude. Unfortunately yesterday's fall kept him from enjoying the day with me and Perks today, but he got a good day in. Back to saturday however, I get home and take a two hour nap, telling Perks if he doesn't hear from me by 7:30 to call and wake me up. 8 o'clock rolls around and he calls me to tell me to get up, it's my birthday and drink are in order. So my roomate Dancin Dave and I head out to start the night, one of our co-workers was starting early at Pub and we go there to meet him. As we drive down the road there are fire trucks and police cars everywhere. Apparently some underground explosion shot a manhole like a million feet into the air and it was dangerous to be anywhere near the scene. The scene happened to be right in front of Pub, which made our walk there quite difficult. We try to head in from the North, and the cops say sorry dudes can't go that way. We attack from the west only to be turned back again by the 5-0. Finally we decide that we needed to think like ninjas, we snuck across the green, down a back alley and snuck in from the west. The first embarassing moment of the night comes when I order a beer, and knowing full well they only serve house ales, I asked for a Bud Light like a dumbass. The barkeep, a surly middle aged woman goes, here honey take a look at this and get back to me.... Yeah way to go dipshit. A few beers in we get some intel that there would be a large number of people congregating at Metronome that evening, and we decided that would be the plan of attack for the night. Around the stroke of 11 we headed out, and like a country stream we meandered on our way to the destination, which included a stop off at Das Bierhous or however the fuck you spell it, anyways some German place with hot chicks in traditional german beer wench attire, where we enjoy one beer, mine tasted like squeezed a gym sock after a long soccer game, but Perks' selling point was "it's got like 8.9 percent alcohol" lol yeah one of those kinda nights. I blink my eyes and somehow we are are at Metronome, a ton of co-workers on the dance floor, drinks flowing and what do you know, Jordan the dancing machine made an appearance. After a few shimmy shakes, a few cosby shuffles and tony yayo hands across the face I noticed we had a sweet little circle going. Everyone was cuttin' it up, was a great show, and by great show I mean a shitshow, but it was a great shit show. There is plenty more I could write about the rest of the night, but some things don't need to be completely spelled out, so here are some key words. Boobs, nipple, kicking a girl out of my cab because I didn't want to go to her house in colchester, Mr. Mikes Pizza, 20 dollar cab ride and of course the disappearing roomate. What a night. One of the best birthdays in a very long time, right up there with the TV and Wii birthday of a few years ago.

So many great things this weekend I am thankful for. Everyone who made them happen I am really appreciative and thankful for everyone and everything. Especially to my awesome mother who still managed to get me my favorite ice cream cake delivered to me, even though she lives 275 miles away. Fucking awesome, you are the best mom a boy could ask for!

There is plenty I left out but this has already taken like a fucking hour and I'm tired of typing. So here's some pictures. Enjoy

Snow outside of our apartment complex, for some reason I really like this shot.

This is Bolton, one of the local mountains in Vermont. The frozen trees is a result of a weather phenomenon called "frozen fog" according to the milkman who was mentioned in previous posts.

The infamous snowbank fo doom, that blog was eaten by the internet, I don't want to retype it because I couldn't stand to relive that horror. Just think of frozen wet feet.

Up in the gym workin on my fitness, muscle milk fucko!

Ninja masks are a must when the temp his single digits, plus you look like a ninja, which is a bonus.

Today's storm at the base of the mountain, thats only the bottom 1/4 of the mountain, pretty scary/intimidating.

Spruce side yesterday morning, Spruce holds a lot of secrets.

More Spruce goose, one of the secrets is in those trees to the left of the picture.

The mountain this morning from Spruce parking lot, again there is more mountain above the cloud bank.

Thats about it, there is more, maybe I'll do an edit later but I am done for now. This was the song I listened to in the perfect moment of my life today. It's an awesome laid back TCQ jam. Check the horns, they are awesome!