Sunday, April 11, 2010

Captains and coke, road sodas, oh shit my wallet, and long walks!

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Another good one in the books. Weekends are awesome.

This one started off with a Friday house party with a bunch of co-workers. I was promised a good time and I really wasn't disappointed. Walk in to a ton of drunkards, and the first thing I notice is that it smells like party in the air! I find there is a keg of switchback and a ton of food. Sounds like a party to me, I hate switchback and it's nutty flavor (see previous blogs) but fuck it lets power on. Lets see, the highlights of the party was a drunk grout dragging a piece of pizza right up Lauren's arm and an amazing tray of soft pretzels. The low lights of the party included grout knocking my cup of beer out of my hand, all over my air maxes and then grout dropping his pizza down the front of my pants. Grout you are a sorry sack of shit, my shoes and my pants hate your guts. Dancin Dave said it was time to go downtown and off we went!

We went to some bar first that sucked, I don't remember the name of it, it was kind of swanky, but it sucked. Then we headed over to metronome, which will now be referred to as Metrodome, because it sounds more awesome. 90's night. Awesome time a few dance moves, however I wasn't drunk enough to really get down. It was an interesting night to say the least, however it was no match for Saturday!

Boom, Saturday all up in your face. Wake up a little hazy, but whatever you have to pay the piper for a good time so I powered through it. I decided I was going to get some errands done that I have been slacking on. This includes a run in with some wild animals at the laundry mat. Lets see we had the weird lady with a bird on her shoulder that kept walking in and out, and the chick who's ass crack REFUSED to stay in her pants. Yeah fun times at the laundry mat. Lets see what else....... bought a new soccer ball, bought growly g a real girly shitter box, a new work out supplement and some other random shit. Thats when Dave hit me with the "I feel like just sitting on the couch tonight and drinking rum and cokes." I told him the rum and cokes should happen, however the sitting on the couch part of the night shouldn't. We stopped at the liquor store, grabbed some Capt'n and the party started. After destroying 24 wings that were delivered from RJ's, and a quick shower it was time to start drinking. I had put on my tribe called quest shirt, but after my first rum and coke, I decided that tonight was definitely a missile shirt type of night. When the missile shirt comes out, you know it's going to be a good time.

We drink another rum and coke, and are almost ready to head out, Dave decides he'll have half a rum and coke and I was like well I need to have one too. Drink'em down and I'm feeling grrrrrrrrrrrrreat like Tony the Tiger. I'm hit with a brilliant idea. Why not bring some road sodas? We scoured the apartment for water bottles and luckily we found them. We start the walk and it's a good one. Dave and I have some pretty awesome conversations. I decide that we need to stop at the ATM so I can grab some cash. Go and reach for my wallet aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand. Fuck. Not there. Still in my shorts at home on the floor. Fuuuuuuuuuuck. So Dave was like dude I'll grab some money for you don't worry, and I was cool with that, however I had no ID and every bar around here ID's you. So............... we are going to walk home and get my wallet! Dave was like dude this will just give us a chance to refill our road sodas! So we walk home, fill up, I grab my wallet, and we walk back. We hit the ATM on the way back and decide it's time to head to METRDOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. It's 80's night and it's going to be sick! We get there and it doesn't disappoint. The place is packed, and the music is awesome. My homeboy Lebo shows up and now it's a real party. A few more friends show up and it's an all out party time. Dancing like machines, I got the chance to dance with a beautiful girl, this girl was cuttin it up, I think I kept up, but not really sure. I know a few cosby shuffles, angry chickens, and some Axl Rose slide steps happened. Shit was awesome.

Then I woke up sunday morning. Wow, Hangover Harold. Didn't really feel too bad so I decided to head to the gym. The new supplement was in full effect, and I wanted to lift every weight in the room. It was pretty awesome, looking forward to tomorrow's lift already. I went to Melissa's bee well massage party, hung out with a few supportians, and had a pretty nice time. The party was like 20 miles away in Ferrisberg, and at first I was like damn man thats far and was kinda bummed. However, I am really happy that it was fairly far out there. I haven't really gotten a chance to explore around here, and today was absolutely beautiful. Vermont is amazing, to all of you who have never been here, you need to come here. The mountain backdrop in every direction you face makes you feel tiny and can take your breath away. The weather was perfect for the windows down, music up.

What a great weekend. One of the best I've had yet. Some important things were discussed this weekend, and there are some really sweet things going down in the near future. I'm looking forward to them. Life is exciting up here. Meeting new people, going out doing new things. It's funny because I feel like this is the way life is meant to be lived. I'm now seizing life, instead of just letting it come to me. It's crazy how long I just sat back and idly let things happen. No more of that shit, I'm taking life by the horns, kicking it's ass, and taking it's name. I urge you all to do the same. Don't let life pass you by, experience it.

You son of a bitch air max killer

Oh hey buddy!

One of the laundry mat beasts. Maybe low cut jeans are her laundry day jeans.

Road sodas! We got'em!

We live in a beautiful world


  1. i wanna hear more about perks next time

  2. Perks didn't play too central of a role, since he decided he wanted to stay in on Saturday night!


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