Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Don't block my shine shawtyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Before we even start anything, watch this video, listen to it, and tell me why I have it on repeat this past week....Listen while you read, it might make my crappy writing style seem more awesome than it really is! hahaha.

Ok so like I've said in the past, these things are a bitch to have, because if you don't update your life every week on here, you end up with having to do a massive update. Usually on sunday nights I sit there, with my laptop and am like, man I should update my blog. Usually I get up grab a beer sit back down and am like, hmmm what was I just going to do? I haven't done an update in like a month and a half, some good shit has gone down that I don't even remember, but I'll attempt to access my mental library and give you some experiences.

Well, I guess we'll start with Nixon's trip up here mid February. I get a call like, hey what are you doing this weekend and I say my usual, heading to Stowe during the day and then seeing where the evening takes me. Nixon, who has been affectionately referred to as Germ since I was a mere youth was like, dude I'm coming up! I was super pumped because this is the first friend, and one of my best friends to come visit me up here. So he arrives and some beers are in order, Me Dancin Dave and Perks head downtown to start a good time. Plenty of beers are drank, at one point I think I lost a cartwheel contest to three girls, apparently I wasn't doing "real cartwheels" wtf is that shit? Real cartwheels? Anyways I don't remember much more of the night besides us going to the KKD. For some reason meat sammiches at like 2 in the morning always seem like a good idea. They are awesome at the time, however the next morning I woke up and it felt like I swallowed a brick, and it honestly smelled like something died inside of Germ. We woke up hella early, like 7 am which is the asscrack of dawn when you don't have to be into work till 11. We get to Stowe and I'm pumped to shred with him, it's been dumping snow the entire week and we are there hella early......and thats when we see the trail map, not one, two, three, even four lifts, but ALL lifts except for the easy street beginners lift are closed. The excuse was "icing on the lifts" which was bullshit because apparently the quad was closed the entire week. So we take a few rides on Easy Street and are both pretty bummed when we hear someone shout "The Gondo is open!" we run, not walk to the connector across the street, get off the connector Gondo and see the line for the Gondo is literally 1,000 people long. Now I'm totally bummed. Thats when Germ was like, you were saying Bolton is pretty rad, should we try there? It was the best idea he had all weekend, so we headed over to Bolton, met up with Brandon and Heather, shredded some knee deep pow and ended up saving the day. Fuck yeah Bolton!

Fast forward to two weekends ago when I almost got arrested. See I live about a ten minute brisk walk from downtown. So since I started late, and was meeting everyone downtown, I figured this would be a smart time to bring some walk warriors with me. I grab three beers, toss two of them in my pocket and head out. Well i finish beer one, and put the bottle in someone's recycling bin (this is Vermont, we do that here) and start drinking the next one. I'm almost downtown now and I still have another beer in my pocket, and I know I can't bring it into the bar, so I get a brilliant idea. Hide the beer in the bush across the street! That way you have a beer for the walk home. Well, I run across the street, look around real shady like and toss the beer into a bush. In the process I got poked in they eye by one of the damn branches, which really sucked but I just turned and kept walking. As I'm walking up toward What Ales You, I hear the familiar sounds of squeaking police brakes. I quickly drop the beer I'm currently drinking into the planter next to me and keep walking. All the sudden I hear a shout....

Cop: "Hey, buddy what do you think you are doing?"

Me: Well sir, I'm heading out to meet my roommate at the bar.

Cop: "You know you can't be drinking beer outside in public"

Me: What do you mean sir I don't have any beer on me.

I hold out my hands to show him and he clearly gets frustrated.

Cop: "What about this?"

And he holds up the beer I just stashed in the bushes about 50 yards back.

Me: Awww shit........ yeah that was the walk home beer.

Cop: "You know I can take you in for littering? This isn't going to be there on the walk home buddy!"

And he peeled off. Apparently there was something more serious than a guy hiding a beer in a bush to attend to. The serious of events from there involved some fist pumping, some angry chicken, and a few cosby shuffles at metronome. There is more to the story, but this is where it should end I've decided.

Ok, and now this past weekend. Easter. Wheeeeeee. Time to eat ham. I hate ham. I honestly think it's gross. Over the years my hatred for ham has grown exponentially. I used to eat a little bit of it, but now I steer clear of that shit like it's the plauge. Why do we eat the things we do on holidays? Does someone designate a specific animal we need to eat for each holiday? If so can anyone give me their number so that I can call and complain. NO MORE HAM! Anyways, I had a good Friday night down at RiRahs (ironically it was good friday, which i just remembered) and woke up early to head home to Connecticut. The four hours it takes me is usually a rollercoaster at first it's all nice on the ride on 89, then I get somewhat annoyed realizing I have another hour down 95 before I'm out of Vt, then I hit mass. Masshole don't know how to drive, I hate driving through that stupid state. Then I hit Ct and I relax a bit, until I hit Harford and then Rage level hits an almost all time high. Hartford is disgusting, filthy even, I hate it. The traffic is rediculous for no reason, god I hate the drive.

Anyways so I stop at the Waterbury mall because Vermont's shoe stores are terrible and of course I can't find a fresh new pair of shoes. Walking around I hear some commotion and it's two grown men fighting eachother in front of Verizon. Seriously guys? Two grown men fighting eachother in the mall. What a bunch of dipshits. I decided it was time to leave after I bought my mother some Easter goodies. I got home and it was great to see moms, she made my favorite chicken cutlets and mashed potatoes and I quickly forgot about the mall incident. I then got a call from Matt telling me to meet him at work so we could catch a quick skate session before we headed out to the bar for the night. We went over to the Cheshire skate park, for reasons unbeknownst to me, every fucking time we go there it sucks. It's dirty, a bunch of fruit bootin roller bladers getting in your way, and everyone is always skating the hump, the only thing I like there. So after about 45 minutes of lame we headed back to his house and started our drinking for the night.

The best part about going home is heading to the bars you used to frequent, seeing people you used to hang with, and basically living for the moment, and boy did I ever. I guess I thought I was some kinda baller because I started buying everyone drinks. I saw a few familiar faces and had an awesome time. Tom the bartender kept giving us free shots of some terrible rootbeer vodka, it really was terrible. Right around the time I stopped remembering things is when I got my tab....... I wish I could not remember paying that bastard, but whats money when you are having fun with friends. I had a pretty chill Easter with the fam that included an hour nap and then a 4 hour drive back to Vermont. All in all a good trip. To think I didn't even want to drive down.

And in closing, a serious of questions. Why don't I think about things before I do them? Like a recent event I made myself come off as such an idiot because I didn't think things through before I just acted. I'm like a kid on christmas sometimes with certain situations, I get so excited I don't think about how my actions are going to be perceived. I tend to get way ahead of myself and freak people out with how anxious I am. It's not that I want to come off that way, sometimes I just can't contain my excitement. I guess thats something I'm going to have to work on in the near future, because I might have screwed this up before I could even start it. I guess I'll have to work on that, but no one is perfect, we could all use a little work. Hopefully the situation can be fixed, we'll see. Stay optimistic.

And now for some photos

Thats the germ

Metronome at night

Lookalike to the bushes I stashed my beer in

The police car that was stalking me that Saturday Night


  1. That Germ, looks a lot like me. Let's not forget the Utica Club and it's new fan, the subsequent Whales crackers order to return the favor, a further explanation of the seriousness of the KKD gas, and the wingman phone number on the receipt move. The Germ sounds like a really fun guy and probably needs to score himself a bike rack to bring the new Specialized up to the North Pole. That ride sucks. But not as much as ham. Ugh.


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