Tuesday, April 12, 2011


When I moved up to Vermont, there were two things that I noticed that made me think twice about the move

1. A good sneaker spot / skate shop
2. Good pizza

I think I'll forever be searching for a good pizza spot, guess being from Connecticut I'm spoiled with good pizza, but I have found my sneaker spot.

So yesterday, I posted that I was on the hunt, and today, I got an email from one of the owners of the best skate shops in Burly Burls, a little shop by the name of Maven. If you don't know, you need to get familiar my VT friends, www.mavenvt.com. Go there, support the local movement, you won't be disappointed. Anyways, before I do the unveil I'll give you a little background.

Kate, my lovely girlfriend was out of town for the weekend, leaving me to my own devices. This would normally include a morning shred followed by a marathon of Call of Duty, maybe sprinkle in some RJ's wings and there's a Saturday afternoon. So I woke up early, headed to Stowe for some shred, 60 degrees and bluebird made for longsleeve shred which was my first time experiencing the freedom of just a longsleeve, but it was also my first experience of dodging slush puddles. I took a few laps, the snow conditions while they were fun, were shitty. I don't give a shit what anyone says, slush is fun to ride, but the variable surface makes it a pain in the ass. I decided that on my last run I was just going to haul ass down and call it a day, I hit lower standard and was flying, pretty sure I heard a someone shout slow down asshole, but I was too busy slaying to pay them any mind. I'm moving along at a good clip and that's when it happened, I saw it well ahead of where I was, I even tried to check my speed, and that's when the god damn variable condition of the slush decided it was time to make me pay. I tried to dig in hard heel edge, and there was nothing to dig into, so as I wash out on my back into a slush puddle. Not just any slush puddle, but the fucking biggest slush puddle on the mountain. I'm come to rest about 3/4 of the way through this 50 monster and have to unstrap to get out. Now I'm soaked, literally entire back of everything, gloves boots, fucking soaked. I walked out of the puddle, rode down to the car and drove home, drenched. (my seat was still wet on sunday afternoon when I drove to the Essex park) When I got home I decided I'd do something with myself, it was time to go downtown on a sneaker hunt.

I get downtown and it's the same old shit, different stink on Church Street. It's the weekend, it's warm so you know what that means, swarms. Swarms of people everywhere. From fucking ironic hipster to fat troll in spandex, they were all out in full force. This was almost enough to deter me, but I decided to press on in my adventure. That's when I found myself staring at the front of Maven. I walked in, checked the selection and was pleasantly surprised. Dunks! Lo's, Highs, different colorways! I got excited, this place was legit. I didn't see what I was in search of, so I asked a dude behind the counter, turns out it was the right dude to ask. He was getting a few pairs of the shoes I have been searching for, took my email and said he'd let me know when they came in. I drove over to one more skate shop, where I actually found the shoes I was searching for, but at a price point that made me want to shank a fool. I held off, with the hope that there would actually be an email from the dude at Maven. Too many times I have had wind blown up my ass by sneaker shops, empty promises and broken dreams, but today, right around 2:30 I got the good news. The Statue of Liberty Dunks were in, and at a very very agreeable price point. Needless to say, I will be picking up all my new shoes from this shop, I guess in VT when people say something, they actually do it. FUCK YEAH!

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