Monday, April 11, 2011


One of my favorite songs right now, Bun B is a machine!

It's back, something I have managed to repress for a very very long time. Sneakers. Ever since I was a kid for some reason I loved fresh new sneakers. I've always had a pretty extensive sneaker collection, however in the past few years it's slipped to the point of embarrassment.

Moving up to Vermont people don't really appreciate the shoe game, many people actually compare me to a woman because I like shoes. Whatever, haters gonna hate. Here is an example, of haters, hating.

(11:53:42 AM) Jordan: Yeah if I can get a pair for retail i'm fine, i'm not paying 200, talent is crazy for jacking them up that high, they can get their nike sb account taken away for that
(11:53:49 AM) Jordan: wrong chat
(11:54:05 AM) Mike: Sneaker Chat is in the other tab.
(11:54:05 AM) Dan: you buys shoes more often than my gf
(11:54:19 AM) Dan: just get some pumps and be over with it

One of the many insults thrown around for a guy who likes to keep his shoe game fresh, but I guess that's the way it is up here in Vermont people are content to wear the same old shit kickers day in and day out. The sneaker culture is not something that is huge up here, but it is on the rise. Thank god. I just recently started customizing my own shoes which actually happened by dumb accident. I decided I wanted a pair of Nike SB dunks, my buddy Matt has always been into them but I was never really too amped up on them until I stumbled upon the many exclusive colorways and combos that they have out for these shoes. So I did what any smart shopper does, I typed NIKE SB SALE into my google browser and up popped a bunch of shoes. I came across a deal that I thought was too good to be true, a pair of SB Dunks for 44.99, what a steal! The colors looked like a tan and yellow, nothing great but some skate shoes for 44 bucks is one hell of a deal. I put in my order, checked back a day or two later and that's when it hit me. The shoes looked somewhat pink..... So I chat Kate to ask her opinion. Yup, those are def pink. FUCK! Pink fucking shoes? I patiently wait two more days until the shoes arrive, I open the box, and here is what I see...

Yup. Those are pink all right. What to do, the thoughts in my mind raced, I already get enough shit for being into shoes, imagine the ridicule I'd get for wearing PINK shoes. That's when it hit me, here was my chance. Here was my chance at making the shoe my shoe, millions of times I've gone into a shoe store and have seen a shoe I liked, but then was like ugh what a shitty color. I've always wanted to create my own shoe but I was too afraid to mess up and end up with a shitty shoe. But now.... who cares if I messed up, they were 44 bucks and PINK!

So Kate and I went to the craft store, I bought some paint, some brushes and it was time to get to work. I found a color that worked, found a paint scheme that I was happy with and came out with something awesome. It was really cool to see an idea come together, and got me excited to try to make more. I have a bunch of ideas, so I decided to create a sketchbook and try my hand at making things that I think are awesome. Maybe these lunkheads up here won't appreciate what I'm doing, but if I think they are awesome that's all that counts.

The shoes aren't done yet, they need another coat or two of paint, then need the detail work to be finished but I'm pretty pumped on the results.

Right now, there are a few shoes I've had my eye on, one has been released and retails for over 200$ which is wayyyy too much money to spend on a pair of shoes, the next pair is yet to be released, and the last pair retails for over 300$ because they are well over a year old now. I won't be dropping that much cash on them, but If I can find a deal or a trade I'll make my move on them.

The first shoe is the Statue of Liberty Dunk. This shoe is an awesome Seafoam green top layer, and as the shoe gets beat up through skateboarding and everyday wear and tear it reveals a layer of gold underneath the green. It's supposed to epitomize the Statue of liberty's original Bronze color before the oxidized green that we have now. Such a sweet sneaker design.

The next pair, is supposed to be in stores on 4/20 this year, the model is called the Cheech and Chong. It's a white canvas that has the same kinda wear and tear that the Statue of liberties do. The white canvas wears away into green suede, which is supposed to symbolize the weed in a joint. Pretty awesome idea. My buddy Annie P contacted Nike about the release to see if she could secure a pair and was told by their PR rep that because of the negative connotation between drugs and 4/20 that the release date would actually be pushed back so it wouldn't coincide with the stoner's holiday. Thats pretty fucking weak Nike, but I can understand where you are coming from. These will retail at launch for 110 I believe, but I bet almost every sneaker store will jack them up to 200 before they hit the shelves.

Lastly, are the Nike SB Skunks, same designer as the Cheech and Chongs, same 4/20 motif, super dope sneaker. They feel just like the He-man action figure mossman, and kinda smell like him too. If you fools don't know about mossman, then I pity you, but here is a refresher:

If you don't remember him after that picture, he'll beat your skull inside out with that fucking giant hammer looking thing he has. Anyways, back to the shoes, they are a limited "quickstrike" which means 1,000 pairs released and were released a year ago. That means no store carries them, if they did they would be at the 300 dollar price point that you find them on the internet for. Here is what they look like. Pretty sick.

So, there you have it. Some sneaker knowledge. I'm going to continue to update my blog with cool shit like this, if you don't like it feel free to not read it. If you do, feel free to say something good about it.


  1. Mossman is fly yo.

  2. I am so excited to see your brand new Statue of Liberties!

  3. the statue of liberty is copper not bronze, hence the green patina.


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